From helpless to handstands

I remember when getting out of bed was a struggle. I was only 33, but I felt much older. I didn’t have the desire, or the energy, to face the day. My body was a mess. I kept getting acne flare-ups. The dark circles never left my eyes. My hair was thinning, its vibrancy gone. My periods were painful and irregular. I was trying to lose the weight of two pregnancies, but couldn’t. I grazed, grazed, grazed. Never felt full. When I was alone, I distracted myself with social media, bad TV. I was numbing myself every day. And you know what? I thought this was normal. This is just what it’s like to be a 30-something mother of two.

One day, I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t recognise the woman looking back at me. It brings tears to my eyes, remembering this. The pain of staying the same was unbearable. Something had to change. I decided that enough was enough.

The first thing I did — and this is often the most difficult thing to do — was to take responsibility for my own wellbeing. I dived headfirst into all things related to health, food, nutrition, and self-development. I started educating myself. Mastering my body.

Within one year, I’d turned my health around. I shed that fat. Cleared my skin, balanced my hormones, and blood sugar levels, cleansed and healed my gut. No more heavy, painful periods, no more grazing. My health: transformed. The way I felt in my body: transformed. My life: transformed.

Today, I feel more vibrant than I did in my 20s. You should see me do a handstand! Through my transformation, I realised that my health choices have this incredible ripple effect on how I live every aspect of my life. Because I’m in the driving seat now, I can control the whole course of my life again. And now, I live my purpose: helping people transform their own health and lives using the programs I developed while healing myself.

Life doesn’t have to go downhill as you get older. Life isn’t out of your control, even when it feels that way. When you’re ready to take matters into your own hands, and ask for help, you can break away from any vicious cycle. I co-founded Reach Wellbeing to help you get there. I know you can live an amazing life, break free from everything that holds you back and unleash your inner creative spirit. If I could do it, you can do it, too.

Professional Biography

Before co-founding Reach Wellbeing, Hadeel Kadi had a thriving coaching practice.  She is a certified integrative health and nutrition practitioner, certified transformational life coach, and yoga teacher.

She’s passionate about the impact of nutrition on physical and mental health. Specializing in digestive health, cleansing and detoxing, she works with clients to balance their blood sugar levels and resolve hormonal imbalances.  She truly believes in people's ability to create and experience powerful transformations in all areas of life by mastering the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of themselves.

With a Masters in Population & Development Studies from the London School of Economics, she has a deep understanding of human behaviour, which allows her to unlock potential and empower people to improve their health and wellbeing.

Hadeel is a foodie at heart and loves cooking and entertaining. When she's not reading up on health, nutrition and self-development, you'll find her traveling the world or playing tag with her two boys.