- The Breaking Free -

Private Coaching Experience

Are you serious and committed to ending your struggle with yo-yo dieting, emotional eating and a dysfunctional relationship with food?

Do you want to learn to master your body, make peace with your plate, and change your mindset about food and your body once and for all?

Are you ready to claim the life you have always desired to live?

If your answer is a definite YES...

then this is for you!


The Breaking Free Private Coaching Experience.

This unique program is designed to offer you a personalized and deep transformation over a 12 week period in addition to full access to the content (videos, audios and worksheets) of our best-selling online wholistic weight loss program: Breaking Free.

"Breaking Free" private coaching is a revolutionary weight loss coaching experience for anyone who struggles with yo-yo dieting, overeating and a dysfunctional relationship with food and body. It is designed for people who have tried everything and long to lose weight once and for all.  It is designed for people who want personalized one-on-one coaching to help them go on this transformational journey.

Imagine being able to eat what you love, and still look and feel the way you’ve always desired to.

Imagine being able to fit into your dream wardrobe and look great in it.

Imagine walking into a room full of people, proud and confident.

Imagine playing with your children, full of energy, all day.

Imagine a life full of love — for yourself and for others.

We have created this exclusive private coaching experience to help you achieve exactly that!

It might not feel this way, but your weight gain is not the real problem. It’s a symptom of a deeper issue. Resolve that, and the symptoms will disappear.

Traditional weight loss programs just tell you eat less, exercise more. But how many times have you done that?

We tried that so many times too. Until we realised that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the very definition of insanity.

We help you discover and address the root causes of your weight gain, untangling the dysfunctional relationships between food, body image, and feelings.

We’ll show you how emotional eating works, and help you understand, manage, and resolve your own triggers. You won’t believe the difference this makes. How the anxiety and fear around food just slips away. When you reconnect with your body, all those fad diets become irrelevant — instead, you’re listening to what your body really needs. And the weight will come off naturally.

We've seen some absolutely amazing transformations - because we transform both inside, and out...

The Breaking Free Private Coaching Experience includes:

  • 1 hour initial consultation to assess where you are in your weight loss journey
  • 10 x 60–minute coaching sessions via Skype to support your implementations of the Breaking Free Program
  • Access to all of the content of our best selling Breaking Free program (valued at $1,500)
  • 10 HD video modules released every week.
  • Guided meditations and visualizations to support your weight loss journey.
  • Worksheets and educational hand-outs to implement the tools and skills you learn throughout the program.

In addition you will receive the following exciting bonuses:

  • A PDF recipe book, full of delicious, healthy meals that support long-term weight loss and a healthier, more energetic you.
  • Recipe videos to guide you, step by step, through tips and techniques for healthier food choices.
  • Other surprise video bonuses with more fantastic training!

The Breaking Free Private Coaching Experience is one that is entirely focused on you. We’ll help you overcome whatever is standing in your way. We’ll teach you how to transform aspects of yourself and in the process achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will learn through this personalized experience of our best selling Breaking Free Program.

Program Breakdown

Module 1

Laying the Foundation

  • Uncover behavioural patterns you didn’t even know you had that have been keeping you in the vicious cycle of weight loss and gain.
  • Find out how to turn past disappointments into a long term weight loss success story.
  • Learn how to create the kind of goals that will allow you to reach the results you have always desired once and for all.
  • Understand why you could be doing everything right but still find yourself gaining the weight you keep losing over & over again.

Module 2

The Basic Building Blocks

  • Learn how to create and maintain the powerful and supportive habits which are essential to the success of your journey.
  • Find out the 7 habits that most diets miss which are critical for sustainable weight loss.
  • Uncover the most powerful factor that works against all your weight loss efforts and how you can overcome it.
  • Learn the simple yet life changing "Breaking Free" eating guidelines that will transform your eating habits and relationship with food.

Module 3

The Science of Weight Loss

  • Find out about the foods that will turbo-charge your weight loss and those that sabotage it.
  • Learn the mechanism through which your body stores fat and how you can control it
  • Carbs, proteins, fats: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Learn how to manage your food cravings without depriving yourself of delicious satisfying food.
  • Learn how to create balanced meals that will keep you satisfied and boost your weight loss.
  • Make informed choices about your food without fear.

Module 4

Unleashing the Power of your Mind

  • Uncover your limiting subconscious beliefs and understand how they affect your weight loss efforts and sabotage any successes you have.
  • Reprogram and recondition your mind so it support and speeds your weight loss.
  • Learn how to overcome self-sabotaging behavior and habitual mental patterns.
  • Find out the magic formula for overcoming your food addictions and overeating habits.
  • Understand the mind-body connection and how to leverage it for sustainable weight loss.

Module 5

Bid Farewell to Emotional Eating

  • Uncover your emotional triggers and learn how to manage them.
  • Learn the single most powerful process that you can do right away to overcome emotional eating, compulsive eating, and binge eating once and for all.
  • Find out how to tune to your body wisdom to help you shed weight and keep it off, naturally.
  • Learn how to release your emotional body weight which has been holding you back.
  • Remove the emotional blockages you have around food and weight which will help you stop the battle with food and make peace with your plate.

Module 6

Weight Loss from the Inside Out

  • Learn how your digestive system works and how to optimize your weight loss from the inside out.
  • Create the right environment in your gut to support your weight loss efforts.
  • Learn how to avoid bloating and heaviness after eating and feel good after every meal.
  • Find out the step-by-step protocol for healing your gut and optimizing your digestion.
  • Understand how dairy, gluten, soy and other foods can affect your weight.

Module 7

Joyful Movement

  • Learn the kind of exercise that will turbo-charge your weight loss.
  • Find out how to connect with your body while you move and understand the power of conscious movement.
  • Understand how you could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts through over-exercising.
  • Develop eating habits that support and maximize the benefits of movement.
  • Learn how to create a joyful movement and body care plan that excites you and that you can stick to easily in your journey to achieve your ideal body.

Module 8

The Art of "Burning Fat"

  • Find out how to turn your body into a fat-burning machine without spending all day at the gym.
  • Learn how to use your body's natural cycles to boost your weight loss efforts.
  • Learn how to make better food choices whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or omnivore that support your fat-burning efforts.
  • Receive simple and easy-to-follow guidelines that will get you excited to cook and lose weight in the process.
  • Understand how to fire up your metabolism to help you lose weight faster.

Module 9

Relationships and Weight

  • Relationship with self: understand how your negative body image sabotages your weight loss and find out how you can transform it.
  • Relationship with food: understand how your relationship with food stands in the way of you achieving your ideal body and learn why pleasure and nourishment are key to sustainable weight loss.
  • Relationship with others: find out how your current relationships could be affecting your weight drastically and how you can turn that around.
  • Relationship with your environment: learn how to create an environment that supports your weight loss efforts and keeps you inspired.

Module 10

The Next Level..

  • Learn how feeding your soul helps you keep the weight off.
  • Find out the simple spiritual practices that help you stay on the journey to achieving your goals and beyond.
  • Learn how to stay motivated and connected to your vision moving forward.
  • Find out the 5 keys to the success on this journey of sustainable weight loss.

You're not destined to live a life without freedom,
controlled by the compulsion to eat, by obsessive dieting.
You’re destined to break free.
This is the first step. It’s time to take it.
And we’ll be right there with you, all the way.

- Your Investment -

Pay in FullSingle payment of $2,500
Payment Plan3 Monthly Payments of $890

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We have worked with a fantastic group of women from all around the world who invested in themselves and created massive positive shifts in their lives.


It's time to end your battle with weight & food once and for all.

It's time to start living the life you have put on hold for so long.

It's time to Break Free

Abeer Al Qadi is a certified coach in the Psychology of Eating, through which she helps clients uncover the deep emotional and spiritual causes at the heart of their struggles with food — and reach happiness and fulfillment.

She is also a trained life coach with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), respected worldwide for their ground-breaking, highly interactive Co-Active coaching model, proven to help people achieve success and fulfillment in all aspects of their life.

Prior to co-founding Reach Wellbeing, Abeer was a senior director with more than 13 years’ experience in strategic business development, marketing and corporate communications. Her Masters in Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the London School of Economics gives Abeer a strong foundation for understanding human behavior, organizational culture, and how health and wellness affects performance in work and life.

Abeer is passionate about traveling, sampling world cuisine, meeting people from around the globe, and shopping!

Before co-founding Reach Wellbeing, Hadeel Kadi had a thriving coaching practice.  She is a certified integrative health and nutrition practitioner, certified transformational life coach, and yoga teacher.

She’s passionate about the impact of nutrition on physical and mental health. Specializing in digestive health, cleansing and detoxing, she works with clients to balance their blood sugar levels and resolve hormonal imbalances.  She truly believes in people's ability to create and experience powerful transformations in all areas of life by mastering the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of themselves.

With a Masters in Population & Development Studies from the London School of Economics, she has a deep understanding of human behaviour, which allows her to unlock potential and empower people to improve their health and wellbeing.

Hadeel is a foodie at heart and loves cooking and entertaining. When she's not reading up on health, nutrition and self-development, you'll find her traveling the world or playing tag with her two boys.

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