Breaking Free program testimonials

- Meet Heather -

"Breaking Free is a world class weight loss program unlike any other."

What puts this program in a class of its own are two things.  Firstly, the modules on the deeper reasons behind weight gain and how to release old habits and old ‘stuckness’ really get to the root cause of why we gain weight and struggle to release it.

For me, the best bit was the live coaching calls. Hadeel and Abeer are a truly powerful coaching team. Whatever the obstacles, they open it all up with compassion and laser clarity until you get a new perspective that dissolves problems and clears the way forward.

Finally I have broken free and begun eating and living in a way that supports my health, wellbeing and weight goal without feeling that a slip back to old habits is around the next corner.

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- Meet Maha -

"This program provides you with all the tools and resources you need to become the newer, healthier version of yourself."

The Breaking Free program looks at weight loss from a very different angle. You start understanding your underlying habits, beliefs and thoughts and your relationship with food. It's a program that focuses on the mind and body, and how they are one! 

I started realizing that I wasn't being as healthy as I thought I was and how being healthy is easy, fun and effortless. My favorite part was the weekly meditation audios, they are amazing and very powerful. It's amazing sometimes how a small shift in the way you think can yield great results...

Whether you struggle with weight or just want to change your lifestyle to a more healthy one, this program is for you!

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